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Vocabula & Vocula
Vocabulary Trainers for Windows

Written in Borland Delphi 6 Personal Edition

Download current releases:
   Vocabula (unreleased, practice Latin vocabulary)
   Vocula 0.1 (German interface, practise any language)

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Vocabula is a tool package for practising vocabulary. It consists of the big tool "Vocabula" (lat. "words") which has special features about the Latin language, and it's small sister "Vocula" (lat. "small voice" or "small word") which may be used for any foreign language.

Currently Vocula comes with these features:
-German user interface
-Edit vocabulary
-Asks you Multiple-Choice

Vocabula is still under development and may be released soon.

Both tools have an interface for entering your own vocabulary, so you can practise according to your own books or foreign language courses. You may also use any text editor to edit your vocabulary.

Vocabula is released Freeware under the GNU General Public License. You are allowed to copy, distribute and change it for free.

If you're looking for a free Latin-English dictionary tool, try William Whitaker's WORDS. You'll find it at

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